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At the AGM and Bowling Meetings earlier this year I was asked to see if it were possible to choose a common top for all sections in the club. I asked for assistance which resulted in Bert Greig and Jim Thornton volunteering for the task, later joined by Bette Jackson, their work and involvement is very much appreciated. The deliberations are now concluded and the top beside this notice should be used for all representative games and on all occasions where a club top is required in 2019.

 The work was complicated in trying to satisfy the needs of different genders, ages ranging from juniors to seniors, and different approaches to designs - not old fashioned but at the same time not outrageous but modern.

 Initially designs were obtained from a number of suppliers which were displayed at the Anniversary Day and the team started down the road with a local company, however, that company were more geared towards work-wear and were not able to provide lighter sports material. Information was then obtained from Fusion, an Ayrshire company - they provide tops for a large number of clubs, including our Ladies Section. Following a discussion with the company the team were provided with a set of 56 designs to consider and there was a meeting with a Fusion representative to discuss the chosen option and tweak some of the colours and layout. The team attempted to choose something to meet the needs of the senior men who wanted predominately white, the Ladies Section for something feminine, and the younger members who wanted a modern look. The more modern badge has been used along with colours which reflect the gold of the original badge, and with design aspects of a colour trim to the collar and a tartan band to the button front.

 To encourage use of the new tops, Management Committee have agreed to provide the initial funding and also to subsidise additional tops where required though this funding is conditional upon all sections and teams adopting the new design.

 We have now reached the stage where members can comment on the chosen design. Between now and the closing days you should make your views known to your section/team, captain/manager or to members of Management Committee.

  To be clear, this is the chosen design for 2019, we have an opportunity now to have a common top for the whole club, failure to agree means that we stay as we are - IT IS UP TO YOU TO DECIDE. 

 8 September 2018

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